Saturday, June 22, 2013

Parshat Bi'Shalach
This week's parsha has the very cool pillar of fire and clouds that Hashem sent to protect the Jewish people in the desert during the cold nights and hot days, respectively. 
I had some cut out cookie dough in the freezer. I used a flower cutter and squished it more horizontal as i pressed out the clouds, and used a tree shape (Christmas tree cutter) and pulled out the "branches" to look fire-like. My kids did NOT figure out that these were clouds and fire....not my most successful parsha dessert, I guess, but I heard more munching noises than complaints :)

Parshat Shelach

 Spies are sent to Israel to see the land and they return with giant fruit and nervous tales! I took marshmallows and dipped them quickly in water and then rolled them in ... couldn't find purple sprinkles....had to use purple jello powder! Sounds horrible but was incredible tasting! Crunchy and sweet! Added pretzel piece and leaf to make the giant grapes look more realistic.

 In this week's parsha is also the story of the 'mikoshesh etzim' (tree cutter), who did the milacha on Shabbat and was punished severely. These are supposed to look like bundles of wood. I tied them in bundles with a half strip of sour belts. 

 Parshat Chukat
Moshe hits the rock to try and get water. Blue kosher jello very hard to find, so I used gatorade instead of water, mixed it with the pack of unflavoured uncoloured Gelatin and the kids loved the taste of the blue jello! I added a pretzel stick and candy rock to complete the stick-hitting on the rock. I don't like this part of the parsha (who does?) but couldn't come up with other ideas for it...

 Parshat Balak
The tents of the Jewish people were mounted in modest ways so that privacy was maintained between the families. (openings of the tent faced away from one another). I used fruit leather, bent in the middle, on top of the brownies (?desert-coloured ground) and my trusty pretzel sticks to look like tent poles. (Last year I had a larger cake and was able to make a circle of tents and even a little bonfire from red icing and pretzel sticks, but I don't think that i ever took a photo of it...)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Desserts for Shabbat parshiot

Parsha Desserts

I have tried for about a year, to somehow incorporate part of the parsha (Torah portion), or chag (holiday) - depending on what's going on - into our shabbat desserts. It's supposed to spark discussion around the table about "higher things" than what might normally be going around the table ;)

I love checking through the internet for ideas, so I thought that it's only fair that I put out mine, in case others might be interested. I have quite a bunch so I'll keep adding them as I find them in my huge number of family photos from the past few years....

Parshat BiReisheit
I's likely not really apples that Adam and Chava ate from the tree....but I had cake pop balls in the freezer and was feeling tired and pregnant (thanks again, Chava!), so apples it was. There are adorable apple cake pops on google images that turned out way better than mine, but basically I added the pretzel piece as a cute/easy way to make the stem and a little green marshmallow fondant to make the leaf.

Apple-shaped cookies on sticks...didn't have an
apple shaped cookie cutter, but a little triangle
removed from the side, ends rounded out and
then used that triangle for the stem. Colored
icing sugar/water mixture iced it after baking.

Parshat Noah

I used a cup to make the circular cookie and then cut it
in half with a knife and squished in the centre circle. I pulled
out all of my pareve icings for the colours